Mistress Kalyss - International Dominatrix

Mistress Kalyss - International Dominatrix
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Before you read any further, I shall make things crystal clear:

I am not an Escort, I am a Dominatrix. A Dominatrix, dominates; she does not have sex with Her client. Unless, of course, She's wearing a strap-on....

Welcome to the Queendom of Kalyss. This is a place where Goddess rules. Not everyone can handle being in this secret garden, but then again, no one is forced to stay. But for some it is Heaven on Earth.

A place where you are no longer in charge, where you can relax and devote yourself to one simple thing: Serving your Mistress. Don't panic. This does not always mean whips and chains. Goddess also likes the smooth things in life. Being pampered, having Her feet massaged and worshipped, enjoying a decadent lifestyle with boat cruises, 5-Star dinners, and of course playing mind games with naughty boys... Yes, you! you know you need that: to give away your control to a powerful woman, Femme Fatale. To be Her plaything, Her toy, Her pet. She is a true Goddess: Kind, considerate to your limitations, and of course unreachable. Yet, she can also be ruthless and cruel, punishing, merciless. With a honours degree in psychology and five years experience as an international dominatrix, Mistress Kalyss will intoxicate you with Her Divine Presence.

Domination is a game; for the ones who know it or are curious about it, this is a special opportunity. She has limited time to train aspiring slaves and pets. She has also spared a few days to introduce BDSM and the Art of Fetish to all those who are curious (male, female or couples).

Discretion and class are always guaranteed.